Backpack filled with sex toys creates bomb scare at Wal-Mart


AURORA | A man with a backpack full of sex toys — including pumps, whips, clips and glow sticks — caused a bomb scare Wednesday night at a local Wal-Mart.

The incident happened shortly before 7 p.m. when security guards at the store near Tower Road and Interstate 70 saw the man acting suspiciously and asked to see what was in his backpack, said Aurora fire Capt. Siegfried Klein, one of the department’s  investigators.

The man bolted from the store and an Aurora police officer apprehended him in the parking lot.

When the officer looked into the bag, he saw small bottles of liquid and what looked like tubes. An Aurora police bomb-sniffing dog smelled the bag and alerted to some type of explosive inside, Klein said, so officers called the Adams County bomb squad to investigate.

The man who owned the bag spoke to investigators, and after a bomb technician x-rayed the bag, officials determined there was nothing dangerous in the bag.

When investigators dumped the bag out, the contents included a penis pump, several clips, lubricants, a feather duster, a whip, and a package of glow sticks.

The man was released without charges.