AURORAN: No Oz for Aurora After Reynolds Auctions Off Hollywood Memorabilia


    The Force is definitely with Carrie Fisher, as the new “Star Wars” movie’s box office totals have demonstrated. But the prospects for one of the strangest proposals ever for Aurora, connected to her mother, have deteriorated with the years.

    Auroran.DebbieReynoldsFor those of you not familiar with Princess-cum-General Leia’s real-life family tree, her mother is actress and memorabilia collector Debbie Reynolds. While Reynolds is a Texas native and had no notable ties to the area, she gained a lot of Mile High recognition in the 1960s for her Oscar-nominated turn as Denver’s own “Unsinkable” Molly Brown.

    But even then, the woman who has caused generations of Americans to associate whisperin’ cottonwoods, bayou breezes and the hootie-hoos of the hooty-owl with her title song from “Tammy and the Bachelor” never was associated strongly with the Centennial State or Aurora in particular.

    That all changed early on in this young century, when city leaders — including then-Councilwoman Nadine Caldwell — floated the idea of creating the Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Museum in town. Outside of her illustrious acting and singing career, Reynolds had a massive collection of memorabilia from Hollywood’s golden age, including a bowler hat once worn by Charlie Chaplin, the fur coat worn by Orson Welles in “Citizen Kane,” assorted items from the Rat Pack and a pair of ruby slippers used in “The Wizard of Oz.”

    Of course, the Reynolds museum never was, joining Science Fiction Land in the pantheon of Aurora attractions that were little more than talk. Multiple efforts by Reynolds and her family to place the items in a museum failed in the following years, leading to them being sold to various collectors and other private groups in recent years.

    So if you want to see Tom Hanks’ wardrobe from “Forrest Gump,” your best bet is to put on the Blu-Ray.