AURORAN — Assessing The Donald


    It’s difficult to say what the field will look like for the 2016 Iowa caucus on either side of the political divide, but the real intrigue remains whether Donald Trump will last long enough in the race to make it that far.

    He certainly has the money to do it, and by his own admission, he’s “a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense.” But as of this writing, he has not made a campaign stop in our beloved state.

    But as with all things, the Donald has had plenty of opinions on topics near and dear to the hearts of Aurorans and Coloradans.

    In July 2012, he urged the Colorado Legislature to “immediately pass speed-up legislation” to provide for the death penalty in the theater shooting case — even though the General Assembly was in recess and the state already had capital punishment laws on the books.

    Trump sounded something of a moderate in the resulting gun control debate that flared up in Colorado following the theater shooting and Sandy Hook massacre. In May 2013, he claimed he was a “big Second Amendment believer” but did not balk at “background checks to weed out the sicko’s,” a position which many Colorado Republicans opposed.

    The Donald hasn’t always kept strictly to the issues affecting the nation. He again took to Twitter in January 2013 to sound off on the Broncos’ heartbreaking loss to Baltimore in the AFC divisional playoffs, calling the final touchdown allowed by Denver the “dumbest defensive play I have ever seen in football.” He’d also pile on the Broncos again after their Super Bowl loss in 2014, calling it perhaps “the worst football game ever played by one team.”