APS legislative priorities: we need more money


AURORA | With the Legislature kicking off its 120-day sprint on Jan. 10, APS took some time to focus on what it wants to see happen under the Golden Dome and what realistically they should expect lawmakers to pass.

Mary Kay Hogan, the district’s lobbyist, broke down what to expect from the Legislature during the Jan. 9 APS board meeting. Gov. John Hickenlooper has proposed putting about $70 million toward education to buy down the so called negative factor, the term used to describe the difference between what the state is mandated to spend on education by Amendment 23 and what it actually funds.

Beyond that proposed spending, the state is looking at about $300 million in extra revenue due to the recently passed federal tax bill which eliminated much of the state and local tax deductions people could make on their federal taxes. And while education has been touted as a priority, Hogan said there are a lot of competing interests for where that extra revenue goes.