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COLORADO’S NATIVITY SEEN: How native are you?

“I’m from Vail, which is a relatively young town. My father was one of the founding members of the town, and he always said what makes a local isn’t the number of years you’ve lived in a place but whether you pick up trash on Main Street when you walk by it”

BLUEPRINT FOR AFFORDABILITY: Metro housing crunch building toward a crisis

For years Aurora has been considered affordable, if only in relation to other parts of the Front Range. The Denver Metro Association of Realtors reported the median home price across the region is now beyond the half-million-dollar mark at $540,624. In Aurora, the average price for homes on the market is at $363,986

THE WALKING DEAD: Campaigns aimed at curbing alarming increase in auto-pedestrian...

“Most people do understand that, they just have a false sense of security and think they will be seen, and you never want to take that chance,” he said.

COLORADO SPACE CADETS: Front Range space school preparing for take-off

“We found that engaging kids at a younger level with authentic experiences and professional experiences is really key to helping them move into an area that will inspire, and give them a reason to go on with their education”

PRIMARY COLORS — BLURRED: Everyone (kind of ) gets to vote...

For the first time in Colorado, everybody, well, almost everybody, gets to vote for partisan hopefuls in an election previously reserved only for the Democratic and Republican party members

SECOND THOUGHTS: Aurora, other communities ponder aging bans on pit bulls

However long the horror lasted, it was long enough for Jones — who lost his left arm in the attack and whose face was injured — to be forever linked with the metro area’s debate over pit bulls. Even today, “the 10-year-old Aurora boy” gets mentioned in seemingly any discussion of the breed

HOME REMEDIES: Stalled in Congress and at the Legislature, gun control...

“I don’t know that we have the collective political will to take on guns,” she said. “But I could be wrong.”

GRIDLOCKED AND LOADED: Metro traffic sucks, experts explain what would make...

There are more than 20,000 people in the region who commute that hour-and-a-half. That number of people has increased by 43 percent in the last decade, according to a report published by Apartment List

LEARNING CURVES: Schools seek balance between preventing gun violence and creating...

Even with all of these expenditures and programs, all the progress and prevention, the threat of violence being inflicted on a school is now a constant in American society


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Local actor, star of Aurora Fox show ‘Passing Strange’ dies

“Trent was a gifted artist, an incredible vocalist, an amazing story-teller and a beautiful and passionate soul. His smile lit up the world. His laughter was infectious. He loved you all,” a post on Polese’s Facebook page read