Colorado voters push back against Prop. 74, seen as an oil ‘takings’ measure


AURORA | Coloradans also rejected Amendment 74, a measure sponsored heavily by oil and gas interests intending to expand property rights in the state.

About 47 percent of voters approved Amendment 74, compared to about 53 percent of Coloradans who voted against measure.

The initiative would have amended the Colorado constitution to give property owners significantly more power to sue government for policy or regulation that they think devalues their property.

Critics including Aurora Mayor Bob LeGare said the amendment would have opened the floodgates for a wave of litigation against virtually any act of state of local government, from zoning and affordable housing to public works and environmental regulation.

Amendment 74 was backed by oil and gas interests, which invested heavily through a series of advocacy groups.

Protect Colorado, an oil and gas advocacy group, contributed almost eleven million dollars to supporter Colorado’s Shared Heritage, according to October 29 campaign filings.