Southlands gets a little sweeter with new bundt cake spot


The bundt cake is distinctive with its signature ring-shaped mold. But have you ever tried a bundt cake the size of a cupcake?

Enter the bundtini, a miniature version of the bundt cake that is served by the dozen. The little treat is served at Nothing Bundt Cakes, the newest store to satisfy summer sweet-tooth cravings at the Southlands Mall in Aurora.

“Each comes in its own cradle, which is really nice. Everybody gets their own so there’s no mess, and you can mix and match flavors too,” said Kathleen Weddle, who owns and operates the Las Vegas-based chain with her husband, Dana.

The store, which opened in June, offers bundt cakes in cakes four different sizes, with nine flavors to choose from: chocolate chocolate chip, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, lemon, carrot, cinnamon swirl, marble, white chocolate and pecan praline. 

There is also a special tenth flavor offered each month. For July, it’s lemon raspberry.

“Which will be amazing,” Dana said.

The store is the seventh Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise to open in Colorado.

Dana said the store’s most-popular flavors have been red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate chocolate chip, and lemon so far.

“My favorite is red velvet,” he said.

Dana said the store has been selling more than 200 cakes a day, and that the bakery has also been a hit for baby showers and children’s parties.

It offers a large “look-book” of all the different cake options available for special events ranging from birthdays to baby and wedding showers. And the cakes are not without their puns. Customers can choose from cakes that say “Cele’Bundt’ing You” cake to  “Cute as a ‘Bundt’ on.”

There is also a special tenth flavor offered each month. For July, it’s lemon raspberry.

Customers can also “Build A Bundt” cake by picking the cake flavor, bow or flower color, quote card and messages.

The bundt cake has Eastern Jewish European roots. The word comes from the German “bund,” which means community. It was cookware founder David Dalquist who patented the pan and added the “t.” He originally created it for the Minneapolis chapter of a Jewish women’s society whose members wanted to recreate the traditional kuglehopf pastries their European mothers had made.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is located at 23973 East Prospect Ave.