COLORADO SPIRITS: Cocktails That Are Eggstra Special


Anyone handy in the kitchen doesn’t shy away from using eggs. At breakfast time, it’s obvious that we reach for one of those pearly-white ovals so we can whip up a high-protein feast.

And at dinner, any cook worth their spatula knows how crucial eggs can be in everything from Yorkshire puddings to fried chicken.

That confidence with the egg often stops somewhere near that line separating our kitchens from our bars, though.

The idea of using egg whites in our cocktails is spooky. After all, we’re not cooking these beverages, or even heating them up. In fact, we’re doing the opposite, plopping a few ice cubes in our shakers to make sure they’re chilled to perfection.

And raw eggs can make you sick, right? Well, yeah, but so can a lot of things — including booze and sushi — and you manage to power through those risks.

So when it comes to any drink on the menu that requires egg whites to get that oh-so-perfect foam around the top, we leave it to the professionals. Sure, we can stir our way to a mean Manhattan at home, or blend up a perfect Margarita on a toasty summer afternoon. After the first sip of each, we’ll be convinced they were every bit as astounding as what any pro could make.

But Pisco sours? Or maybe a gin fizz? There’s no place for those complicated cocktails in the average home bar.

Well, maybe it’s time to make your bar a little less average, and truly a place where the drinks — if not the atmosphere — rank up there with the finest speakeasy.

Reach for that carton of eggs. Sure, your first few passes at egg-white deliciousness might be a bit of a mess — if your technique for separating white from yolk is substandard, your drink will be, too — but eventually, with a little practice, you can be cracking eggs for cocktail hour just like you would for breakfast.

Here is a recipe courtesy of the cocktail pros at Hyatt Regency Aurora (with our occasional twist):

Clover Club

1.5 ounces Colorado  Woody Creek Gin

.75 ounces fresh lemon juice

1 ounce berry simple syrup

1 egg white

Combine the ingredients in a martini shaker with broken ice, shake aggressively and strain into a chilled and dry martini glass.

Garnish with a few skewered blackberries.