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Perfect burgers depend on the right meat. Here’s a pro tip

Generically labeled "ground beef" can be a combination of different cuts with little beefy flavor that yields fatty, greasy, or mushy burgers. Hoping for better luck with singular cuts of meat, we tested ground sirloin, round, and chuck.

Cheesecake without the fuss? Enter the no-bake cheesecake

Enter no-bake cheesecake: The filling is lightened with whipped cream and the absence of eggs makes for a less rich cake. We achieved the best flavor and texture when we stuck to the tried-and-true combination of heavy cream and cream cheese thickened with gelatin.

Zucchini or summer squash makes for a colorful pasta dish

If farfalle is unavailable, campanelle and fusilli are good substitutes. We prefer using kosher salt because residual grains can be easily wiped away from the squash; if using table salt, be sure to reduce all of the salt amounts in the recipe by half.

A spicy, smoky Jamaican jerk starts with bold ingredients

Our jerk marinade has plenty of bold ingredients, including habanero chiles (in place of the Scotch bonnets), scallions, garlic, lime zest, and mustard for zingy brightness, and brown sugar, nutmeg, and ginger for warm sweetness. It's potent enough to infuse the chicken in just 30 minutes.

Vegetable kebabs with a crisp exterior and juicy interior

Portobello mushroom caps were the perfect addition to the kebabs; as they released their moisture on the grill, they picked up great char flavor and developed a deep, meaty taste.

Sustainable Living

Meatsplainer: How new plant-based burgers compare to beef

"People are going to be fooling themselves into thinking these are not just better, but healthy," said Yoni Freedhoff, an obesity expert at the University of Ottawa.

Beyond paper straws: More hacks for reducing plastic at home

"There are so many simple changes you can make at home," says Melissa Ozawa, features and gardening editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine. "You can use a wooden comb, a bamboo toothbrush, silk dental floss and metal refillable safety razors."

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