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Retool the classic pound cake to make it ultra-chocolatey

We wanted to retool classic pound cake to make it ultra-chocolatey without compromising its hallmark velvety-soft crumb. For deep chocolate flavor we used mostly Dutch-processed cocoa powder, which incorporated seamlessly into the batter; a couple ounces of milk chocolate added richness without interfering with the cake's texture.

This vegetable curry has bold flavors to keep everyone happy

Finishing the dish with a generous handful of cilantro and a dollop of Greek yogurt helped to add brightness and brought our flavors into balance. You can adjust the spice level of this dish by either including less of the serrano chile or adding its seeds.

The perfect rich, meaty ragu achieved with baby back ribs

Most recipes for traditional pork ragu use pork shoulder and a hard-to-find, bony cut like neck, shank, or feet to give the sauce great body. We were determined to use just one: Quick-cooking pork sausage or lean pork loin were parched after braising.

Try this dimpled, chewy, herb-topped deep-dish focaccia

Fruity olive oil is a requisite ingredient, but when we added it straight to the dough, it turned the bread dense and cakelike. Instead, we baked the bread in cake pans coated with a couple tablespoons of oil. Be sure to reduce the temperature immediately after putting the loaves in the oven.

For more streamlined chicken enchiladas, use a slow cooker

Monterey Jack cheese complemented the rich filling nicely, while canned jalapenos and fresh cilantro rounded out the flavors and provided tang and brightness. When it came time for assembly, we brushed the tortillas with oil and microwaved them to make them pliable.

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