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What to do to get your grill ready for summer

Amanda Haas, a cookbook author who works with Traeger Grills, says: "Lots of grills are covered in grease, dust, and pollen when you lift that cover after a long winter of hibernation, so give the outside a thorough scrub down. Keeping it clean will extend the life of the grill and help prevent accidents due to sticky or greasy surfaces."




This rice dish gets delish a with peas, feta and mint

The thick, heavy cast-iron pot and enveloping heat of the oven promoted even cooking and eliminated scorching. A bit of sauteed onion offered an aromatic flavor boost as the rice cooked, and incorporating chicken broth into the cooking liquid provided savory notes.

We made a deeply flavorful chicken tagine-in about an hour

With the flavorful base built, we returned the chicken to the pot, starting the longer-cooking thighs and drumsticks before the breasts. Along with green olives, we finished and brightened the dish with a mixture of minced lemon zest strips and garlic, lemon juice, and fresh cilantro.

This cheesy, golden, puffed casserole is all about the eggs

The eggs should be this dish's focus, not the bread, so to keep their flavor at the fore, we prepared a milk-based custard. Buttered white bread, cut into bite-size pieces and layered with tangy cheddar cheese in a baking dish, promised to melt right into the custard while also bringing in plenty of richness.

Earthy spinach and nutty cheese star in this star of brunch

Looking to create a go-to breakfast or brunch casserole, we first considered the bread. Whole dried bread slices had the best texture and appearance, and buttering them added richness. Spinach, shallot, and Gruyere complemented each other perfectly for the filling, and we sauteed the vegetables to remove excess moisture and prevent the casserole from becoming waterlogged.

Bell peppers and onions help boost white fish’s taste

To give the mild fillets a boost of flavor, we paired them with a Spanish-style peperonata, a combination of cooked bell peppers and onions, to which we added tomatoes, wine, paprika, and fresh thyme for depth of flavor.

Sustainable Living

Beyond paper straws: More hacks for reducing plastic at home

"There are so many simple changes you can make at home," says Melissa Ozawa, features and gardening editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine. "You can use a wooden comb, a bamboo toothbrush, silk dental floss and metal refillable safety razors."

US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

"We think a remedy in our case would stop sale of the fish before they're allowed to be sold," said George Kimbrell, legal director for the Center for Food Safety, one of the groups suing the FDA.

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