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Get that sticky rice crispy chew that kids and adults love

The basic procedure is the same as the back-of-the box recipe: Melt butter and marshmallows, mix in cereal, and press into a pan_it couldn't be simpler. But we like a generous portion of these cereal treats; for thick, substantial squares, we pat the mixture into an 8-inch square pan instead of the usual 13-by-9 inch pan. Adding a little salt to the mix kept sweetness in check.

How to turn chickpea fritters into a delicious burger

To ensure burger-size falafel, we used a dry measuring cup and dropped scoops of the falafel mixture into a heated skillet and then used the back of a spoon to press each portion into a 3/4-inch-thick patty.

For a creative chicken salad, get inspiration from Morocco

Blooming the spices in the microwave deepened their flavors for an even bolder dressing. Chickpeas further echoed the Moroccan theme and lent heartiness, and crisp romaine combined with slightly bitter watercress made the perfect bed of greens for our toppings. Reserving a bit of the dressing to drizzle on just before serving made the flavors pop.

This chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner

Since tasters loved the Spanish flavor profile of the dish, we went in search of a different grain that would work in tandem with the chicken. A few tests revealed that couscous was the crowd favorite, and it couldn't have been simpler: Couscous doesn't require cooking at all, just soaking, which meant we could add it to the pot after pressure or slow cooking and allow it to simply absorb the ultraflavorful cooking liquid. If using the slow cook function, begin checking the chicken's temperature after 1 hour and continue to monitor until it is done.

Breakfast pizza makes an ideal dish for a brunch crowd

It makes an ideal dish for a brunch crowd and isn't difficult if you start with store-bought pizza dough. Our challenge was getting a crisp crust without overcooking the eggs. To get there, we pressed room-temperature dough into a lightly oiled baking sheet and parbaked it for 5 minutes to give the crust a head start before we added the toppings. The remaining minutes in the oven cooked the eggs just right.

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Under a microscope: Startups grow meat in lab, face scrutiny

"Our chicken is chicken ... you've got to taste it to believe it," Valeti says.

Restaurants could be 1st to get genetically modified salmon

NEW YORK  |  Inside an Indiana aquafarming complex, thousands of salmon eggs genetically modified to grow faster than normal are hatching into tiny fish....

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