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As craft beer market grows, so do wild flavors

"People are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and be the next big thing," said Jon Brandt, a beer aficionado who works for Washington-based distributor Madidus Importers. "A lot of it is just about trying to get noticed."




Spice your turkey burgers up with some mango chutney

A little mayonnaise generally goes a long way on a burger, but we opted for creamy Greek yogurt instead, which nicely complemented the other components. We piled on some crunchy red onion for its savory allium flavor and sprigs of cilantro for a final fresh note. Be sure to use 93% lean ground turkey, not 99% fat-free ground turkey breast, or the burgers will be tough.

Dive into a Greek gyro, with lamb and yogurt sauce in a pita

For a crisp outside and moist inside, we browned our patties on the grill until a crust formed on each side. Then we grilled the pitas as well to warm them and add a little smoky flavor. If using pocketless pitas, do not cut off the tops; instead, use a portion of a fifth pita to create crumbs.

The key to a crisp chopped salad is salting ahead of time

In this summery salad, we first salted the tomatoes and cucumbers to draw out their excess moisture before adding them to the salad. Seeding the cucumbers and quartering the tomatoes exposed more surface area to the salt for even better results.

Try this light, summertime bean salad with corn and avocado

Toasting the corn in a skillet until golden brown brought out its natural sweetness. Chipotle chile, cilantro, and lime juice provided the perfect Southwestern flavor profile to this easy-to-prepare salad. Fresh corn is important for the flavor of the salad_don't substitute frozen or canned corn.

Make nicely glazed, unimpeachable peachy grilled chicken

Cooking chicken covered in sweet preserves led to intense scorching on the grill, but just applying a glaze at the end of cooking didn't yield much flavor. We created a setup that cooked the chicken most of the way through in the sauce without exposing it to open flame by using a disposable aluminum pan.

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Trump orders simpler path for genetically engineered food

"There needs to be an assurance of safety for those products," said Jaffe, who was among those briefed by government officials on a call before the order was announced.

Is Beyond Meat overcooked?

J.P. Morgan's Ken Goldman and James Allen downgraded the stock to 'neutral' after a run that has cost short sellers $400 million, according to the research firm S3.

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