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Spicy chorizo can bring people together

"Usually my family is at work, so we never have time to actually be together," the 20-year-old said. "When we make that type of breakfast — well, it's our catch-up time."


One of the dishes on many tables in Levantine countries during Ramadan is fattoush. It may be served during the evening break fasts, and is often part of the celebratory spread that marks the end of the month of abstinence.

Brussels sprouts push nutrition in a classic Caesar salad

I like to use whole anchovies that are packed in a tin of oil, but if you are a little squeamish, you could use anchovy paste too. Don't be tempted to omit the anchovies, they make all the difference in the world. Once the dressing is blended, you won't even know that they are there, but their contribution to the flavor of the dressing is huge.

Roasted radishes mellow them into the perfect side dish

Radishes carry in their little bodies a tremendous variety of vitamins and minerals, so they're a smart addition to our five-a-day veggie eating, but the spicy flavor can keep many home cooks away.

COOKING ON DEADLINE: Bacon, Sage and Provolone Chicken Rolls

Here's the scoop: You lay out a thinly sliced chicken cutlet. You layer some things on top. You roll it up. You wrap it with a piece of bacon. You skewer it with a toothpick. You cook it.

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Arizona weighs unusual plan for longer egg expiration dates

"When it comes to use-by, sell-by or best-if-used-by dates, these are there much more for quality purposes, not so much for safety," said Sadhana Ravishankar, a food microbiologist and associate professor at the University of Arizona.

If you savor scallops, good news: Price drop may be in...

"There is a lot of anxiety about it. Prices could go down. I can't think of a scenario in which prices could go up," he said. "The question is, are we standing at the edge of a cliff or are we looking at a little bit of weakness relative to last year?"

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