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Poppy seed muffins with rich, full flavor – and less sugar

We turned to Sucanat, which we ground in a spice grinder to ensure that the tops of the finished muffins weren't speckled. Lemon zest seemed like a natural complement to the poppy seeds, but we could only add so much zest before the muffins started to taste soapy, and our muffins were still lacking flavor.

Kids and adults alike will delight in making ‘zoodles’

Use chef's knife to trim off ends of zucchini. Use spiralizer to cut zucchini into 1/8-inch-thick noodles. On cutting board, pull noodles straight and use kitchen shears to cut them into 12-inch lengths.

Mix up your pasta and meatballs with some lamb and orzo

A panade_a simple paste made from Greek yogurt and panko_kept the meatballs moist and lent the dish welcome tangy flavor. We used our Dutch oven to deeply brown the meatballs and create lots of flavorful fond in the pot. Using some of the rendered fat to cook our aromatics gave our orzo pilaf a super-savory base.

Pair earthy, hearty mushrooms with equally hearty farro

Scraping up the browned bits in the pan with sherry rounded things out with sweetness and acidity before we added the farro. We prefer the flavor and texture of whole farro; pearled farro can be used, but the texture may be softer.

A pasta dish that brings out the earthy flavor of mushrooms

A splash of lemon juice, a sprinkling of fresh chives, and some toasted pine nuts were the perfect finishes to the dish. You can substitute 1 pound of ziti or penne for the rigatoni, if desired.

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US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

"We think a remedy in our case would stop sale of the fish before they're allowed to be sold," said George Kimbrell, legal director for the Center for Food Safety, one of the groups suing the FDA.

US regulators outline oversight on meat grown in lab dishes

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said meat from cultured animal cells will have to undergo agency inspection, as with other meat and poultry products. Carmen Rottenberg of the USDA said she expects inspections to be similar to those for other meat-processing plants, but noted that a lot remains unknown since companies haven't yet scaled up to commercial production.

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