LETTER: Gun control meeting held by Jason Crow focuses on lagging red-flag laws


EDITOR: I was at Jason Crow’s town hall on gun safety on Tuesday with Rep. Seth Moulton. For constituents, like myself, who have had to put up with Mike Coffman’s evasive antics for too long, Jason is a breath of fresh air. I was at the infamous town hall in February, where Coffman dodged question after question on gun safety and the $110,000 he’s taken from the gun lobby. He didn’t want to talk to us or hear from us. The event was just another political stunt to appear in the community without meaningfully listening to his constituents.

Tuesday evening was a stark contrast. Jason came to listen to our stories, remember those we’ve lost, and discuss real steps we all agree on prevent another tragedy. Amid a political climate with too much name-calling and too little meaningful reform, Jason came to listen and talk about real solutions. It was clear from the conversation that we need to elect leaders who have the courage to pass common sense gun laws. I believe Jason is that type of leader and that we need him representing us in Washington.

— Lula Guilbert, Aurora, via [email protected]