AURORA | Fresh off a win in the 6th Congressional District Democratic primary, candidate Jason Crow is challenging Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman to three joint town hall meetings to take questions from constituents.

A news release from the Crow campaign said the public town halls would be open to the public and free of pre-screened questions.

“Last night, Coloradans made it clear that they are sick of politics as usual and that they’re ready for a new generation of servant leadership. I’ve never shied away from a tough fight, and it’s time to start solving the issues that face the hardworking families across this district,” Crow said in a statement. “I’m challenging my opponent to a series of public town halls today because it’s time for our leaders to be held accountable to the people of Colorado, not corporate special interests. A new generation of leadership that holds Washington accountable starts today.”

Tyler Sandberg, a spokesman for Coffman’s campaign said the congressman will be speaking to the district and debating Crow plenty in the months leading up to the election.

“This is mighty rich from the guy who, at the suggestion of Washington power brokers, refused to debate his primary opponent a single time,” Sandberg said in a statement. “Mike is ready for a healthy schedule of debates this fall, in English and in Spanish. The constituents of this district deserve thoughtful debates and we look forward to them.”

Levi Tillemann, Crow’s primary opponent, called on Crow to debate several times via social media and in news releases throughout the primary election.

When Crow didn’t show to a debate earlier this month, Tillemann made up a cardboard version of the candidate — a tactic other organizations and advocates have used when politicians don’t attend public meetings.

“Unfortunately, just like Coffman, Crow runs away from his constituents and has refused to debate his primary opponent. That’s why we needed a #CardboardCrow,” he wrote on Twitter.

While the two didn’t debate, they did appear in town halls together.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer