AURORA | Big money is flowing into the House District 36 race, which covers much of Eastern Aurora, and it’s from GOP candidate Richard Bowman. 

The latest campaign finance filings show Bowman loaned himself $100,000 in the race, an unprecedented amount for that seat, and more than three-times the amount other candidates have loaned themselves in other House races in the past, according to Colorado Secretary of State records. 

In 2016, the entire race attracted a little more than $115,000, and that was more than double the 2015 contribution amount of $53,000 to both candidates, Bowman and former Rep. Su Ryden.

Other than the loan, Bowman received just more than $500 in contributions during the most recent reporting period. Aurora Mayor Bob LeGare donated $400 to the campaign.

On Bowman’s website, he lists six Aurora City Council members as people who “warrant our endorsement. Those members are: LeGare, Dave Gruber, Marsha Berzins, Johnny Watson, Francoise Bergan and Bob Roth. Bowman also lists several local and state elected officials there, along with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, National Rifle Association and Dumb Friends League.

Bowman did not immediately return phone calls.

Rep. Mike Weissman, the Democrat who currently holds the seat, raised more than $12,000.  

Bowman ran for the seat unsuccessfully twice, in 2014 and 2016. His campaign website says a check next to his name on the ballot would result in voters getting a two-person team at the State Capitol, he and his wife Jeanette. 

“By now you are wondering why we are a ‘we’ and not a ‘me,'” Bowman’s website says.  “You will find that WE are offering a ONE VOTE, GET TWO this election. That’s right! Should Richard get elected you will be getting two representatives instead of just one.”

Bowman said his wife is the “heart” of the team, whereas he is the “financial brains” of the operation. 

He also claims on his website he won’t go to the Capitol without her.

“No telling who might accuse this old fart of grabbing their butt or making a pass at them,” Bowman’s website says. “Jeanette will be there to make sure there are no false allegations and to bring a gentler and caring perspective to the legislative process.“

Bowman was referring to a #MeToo scandal that swept the Legislature earlier this year, resulting in the expulsion of one House member accused of sexual harassment. Other lawmakers were also accused.

Weissman faced Bowman in 2016. Weissman won with 55 percent of the vote.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer

Correction: A previous version of this story cites Bowman’s website as having an endorsement from Aurora Mayor Bob LeGare. Bowman’s website says LeGare and several others “warrant our endorsement.”