Referendum 3K: Vote yes on allowing Aurora to investigate providing better, cheaper broadband services to residents


Aurora Referendum 3K is about opportunity, and not much else right now.

The measure would allow Aurora to opt out of a state law that prohibits the city from creating its own broadband service.

It’s not a push for Aurora to get into the internet business right off, but it’s a possibility. There are few residents who would welcome more competition in the broadband market to drive down prices and push up speed and customer service.

“Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of companies that are looking to partner with local governments to build and operate broadband networks that will compete with the incumbent provider and/or provide new or better service in previously hard to reach areas,” city lawmakers were told while considering to offer this question to voters.

In April, six Colorado cities agreed to ask their voters to approve similar measures: Firestone, Frisco, Lake City, Limon, Lyons and Severance. Fort Collins has gone even further and may now have the cash to put behind the dream and create its own broadband division.

For Aurora, it starts with voters approving 3K. Vote yes.