QUIDNUNC: The eyes have it — Tillemann’s stinging stunt sets a new high for political lows in Colorado


QUID HAS HEARD that the bar for political high jinks here in Colorado has been risen to now unattainable heights. Seems that one of the state’s own nabobs in waiting, one Levi Tillemann, Aurora Congressional Candidate of the Lt. Gov. Nancy Dick fame and fortune, was finally able to make a name for himself this week. Tillemann, who couldn’t scare up a decent story about how scary the national Democrats have handled the race against GOP Congressman Mike Coffman, finally got his 15 minutes of fame. Tillemann covered his own face in pepper spray and videotaped it as a stunt to draw attention to how stupid it is to arm teachers with guns to protect schools. While it appears Tillemann set fire to his eyes and any hope of winning this month’s CD 6 primary election, Quid loves the idea of more political stuntery as Election Day approaches. Your humble fish wrapper servant suggests that GOP gubernatorial Herr apparent, Walker Stapleton,  best friend of the oil industry, must drink a full gallon of Colorado’s black gold with cameras running, showing how much faith he has in what his Bush family got rich on in Texas. And Democrat Herr apparent Jared Polis, who never let an argument for legal luscious weed pass him by, needs to campaign hard all day, eating nothing but the fabulous assortment of weed-based foods that has made Colorado oh so popular. And every candidate for top Colorado offices should be required to taze themselves live on camera, not so much to prove any points, but simply as a cathartic generosity to the voters they inflict their campaigns on.