QUIDNUNC: Forget Nostradamus, Chief Metz has a Golden Globe coming his way


Quidnunc, whose name comes from the Latin  “what now,” is out and about as often as possible  to bring you news overheard in elevators,  rest rooms and spied in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that there are folks out there mystified about what the future holds for our state, our nation and our economy.

Having lived more than 10 years on this rock, and even a few more slaving for one fishwrapper or another, your faithful servant is well-equipped to make some predictions for 2019 that you can take the bank, in part, because they will be there.

A red-hot stock market? Not so much. Here are the year-in-review headlines Quid promises you’ll be reading in this cat-litter liner and others one year from now:

Gov. Polis continues relentless pro-commerce agenda after universal healthcare plan becomes darling of Colorado businesses.” Other than the hundreds of thousands of healthcare employees made jobless because they didn’t provide any healthcare, Polis’ Medicare for all became the big winner.

“Aurora police chief Nick Metz takes home Golden Globe for musical cameo,” Just check out the Aurora police Twitter account if you doubt this one.

And the one you’ll be waiting for: “Impeached Trump appeals to GOP Senate to rebuke 897 criminal charges pending his ouster from office.” It’ll be a good year.