PERRY: How far does the Trump regime have to go before it’s cool to push back like the French Resistance, the Von Trapps and Minnie?


The politics of conviction are confusing.

Conservatives say refusing service to a homosexual couple wanting a wedding cake is good because of deeply held convictions about gay dudes being a sin and all. But liberals with deeply held convictions about crimes against Americans, humanity and nature are bad for eighty-sixing complicit Trump cronies from restaurants and businesses they own.

It would appear some deeply held convictions are more equal than others.

My first reaction, being a friendly Coloradan, is to be repulsed by the idea of embarrassing and tossing anyone out of any public place. Sure, put me at the top of the list for those eager to condemn the way Trump and his fascistnistas behave themselves, cheering at crying immigrant babies, wallowing in Fox News, sneering at American farmers being pillaged by Trump’s trade war and lambasting children traumatized by school massacres who are determined to speak their minds.

But if you open your doors for money, you sell your ability to say to whom you do and don’t do business with, based on who you think is right or wrong. Homophobic cake bakers are just as repugnant as restaurateurs who don’t serve your kind, no matter what your kind is.

All that, however, was before Trump.

The president and his Trumpions are like nothing America has ever had to endure.

So before you judge the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, who booted White House press secretary Sarah Sanders after her appetizer and before her salad, or before you weigh in on the diners who booed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican food restaurant, or before you talk crap about athletes that want nothing to do with this White House, consider this.

Deeply held convictions, like those held by many a lowly restaurateur who threw Nazis out of French cafes or bars before that odd populist-fascist thing in German turned into World War II, have long spun yarns about the brave. Heroes like the Von Trapp Family, who were nearly sainted for their cinematic public snubbing of the Germans as they were ushered into Austria, are legendary, if not somewhat mythological.

If it’s all about deeply held convictions, just how bad do things have to get?

One of the most memorable cinematic scenes ever unfolded in the lauded movie “The Help,” when Minnie baked her racist nemesis, Hilly, a pie teased with emotional and/or real excrement. Who among the enlightened didn’t first cringe and then cheer?

Rather than being seen as mean-spirited and uncivilized, these are but a few of the hundreds of historical lion-hearts who risked a great deal for their public snubery.

So while most of us jump on the Nancy Pelosi bandwagon in pushing back against publicly humiliating members of the Trump Regime for their part in tearing immigrant children from their parents, covering up and repeating endless lies, racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, outright crimes, possible treason and widespread and chronic malfeasance, you have to agree with Congresswoman Maxine Waters: This is not your father’s political dispute.

Trump is not just a political opponent to two-thirds of the country. He is a mentally ill, corrupt, abusive bully who has passionate and powerful sycophants willing to do his bidding.

The outright lies and scary truth tweeted and twaddled by Trump and his comrades-in-harms every single day is overwhelming even for those of us paid to pay attention. For normal Americans trying to work their butts off to pay mortgage-sized health-insurance premiums and have enough energy at the end of the day to push Trump’s madness away with a couple of sitcoms, kicking Trump himself out of a KFC would just be too dumb to deal with.

Most of us agree that tossing German Nazis out of the tavern warrants cheers. Convictions matter. The tricky part is deciding just how bad things have to get here in the United States, and just how much the Trump Regime has to be like the historical messes that movies are now made of. Do we have to see news sites shut down or dissidents moved off to camps before we can tell Kelly Anne Conway to beat it and get her donuts from the White House kitchen?

Not yet, America.

I appreciate those pointing to the blaring and flashing red-light alarms about a president who casually wants to end due process and makes clear he’s offering pardons for anyone who doesn’t sell him out to FBI investigators for a growing list of crimes. This is the stuff that third-world-country nightmares are made of.

But wait until after the November election.

Let Americans decide whether to turn the tables in Congress and on the White House by imposing a Democratic and moderate-Republican controlled arm of government that can snuff his propaganda and dictatorial agenda. Wait and see if a new voter-approved Congress can do what this Trump-controlled House and Senate are unwilling to do: Impeach the ass hat for his encyclopedia of high crimes and misdemeanors before he does irreparable damage to the nation and the world.

And if that doesn’t work?

Then it’ll be the last time until the Trumpgate Hearings that any of the Trump Crime Family, their cronies and accomplices shop anywhere but Sam’s Club or eat out anywhere but the Chick-fil-a in Lubbock, Texas.

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