President Donald Trump has been commander in chief for only 1 year, 86 days, 2 hours, 21 minutes — and most of America can’t take listening to news about him any more.

That is more dangerous than Trump is himself.

The vast majority of the country has resigned themselves to the fact that Trump is a voracious liar. Far more than half of Americans readily stipulate that the President of the United States is a sleazy, mentally imbalanced despot, but we’d rather watch Golden Girls re-runs than another report about Trump being spanked by porn stars or lying about Russiagate.

Because of complicity by Republican members of Congress, and growing American apathy, Trump has become a an unchecked, festering boil on the very face of the country.

His malevolence, duplicity and incompetence have become so mundane in the news, that when one of the most respected and sober FBI chiefs in the country goes on national TV to tell Americans that Trump is too corrupt to be president, it barely sustains the news cycle for 12 hours.

On CNN Monday morning, fired FBI Director James Comey’s ABC News bombshell interview lost above-the-fold status on, giving deference to the Starbucks racism story.

America has trained itself to look away from stories that would have engulfed any past president entirely, not just one, but dozens of unnerving scandals. Trump prevails not because people don’t believe the sordid tales, they just don’t know what to do about it.

We can’t recall him. He won’t resign. It’s unclear whether a majority of Republicans would impeach Trump even if special prosecutor Robert Mueller delivers obstruction or collusion indictments. The Mueller investigation has been going on for so long that many Americans think it came up empty handed or will simply grind on forever.

Poll after poll reveals that Americans well-understand that Trump is an unhinged liar. But, it seems, collectively, we just can’t take it anymore.

Get a grip. Individually and as a nation, we’re better than this. This is America, not Russia, where autocrats like Putin are just a fact of post-Soviet life. Truth, reality, decency and altruism still matter to most of us, even if they don’t to many members of the House and Senate.

For the sake of our nation and the part of the world that laud righteousness, don’t look away. Not now.

Given the embarrassing behavior of Republicans once lauded for their honesty and frankness, people like Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Marco Rubio, the part of the country aghast at what’s happening here suffer no delusions that Congress will hold Trump accountable for his crimes and incompetence.

It will be after this mid-term election that a new Congress will either counter Trump’s lies and legislatively harness him until voters can oust him, or a more ethical, responsible Congress will remove Trump from office.

But it’ll happen only if you demand it. If you wouldn’t allow your own friends, your bosses, your family or anyone you know to treat you like Trump has treated the nation, don’t flinch.

Responsible journalists will continue to tell the world what Trump and his cohorts lie about, cheat on, exaggerate, hide and destroy.

But you’ve got to keep listening.

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