No jail time for Baylor fraternity president accused of rape


WACO, Texas | A Texas judge on Monday accepted a plea bargain that would allow a former Baylor University fraternity president accused of rape to avoid spending time in jail marking at least the third time the judge has approved probation or little jail time for men accused of sexually assaulting Baylor students.

Judge Ralph Strother accepted the deal for Jacob Walter Anderson, who was indicted on sexual assault charges and pled no contest to a lesser charge of unlawful restraint. A no contest plea means a person does not admit guilt, but will offer no defense. Anderson was expelled from Baylor after a university investigation.

The accuser claimed he repeatedly raped her at a 2016 fraternity house party expressed outrage at plea agreement and described the county’s justice system as “severely broken.” An online petition that opposes the plea agreement has received thousands of signatures.

Former Baylor University fraternity president Jacob Anderson adjust his tie in the courtroom Monday Dec. 10, 2018 in Waco, Texas. Mr. Anderson, accused of rape, will serve no jail time after a Waco district judge accepted a plea bargain for deferred probation. (Jerry Larson/Waco Tribune Herald via AP)

The woman has not been named and The Associated Press has a policy of not naming possible victims of sexual assault.

The deal from prosecutors allowed Anderson to receive deferred probation. The ex-Phi Delta Theta president agreed to seek counseling and pay a $400 fine. Anderson will not be forced to register as a sex offender.

The woman said she felt disoriented after accepting a drink she thought contained punch at a 2016 fraternity house party. She said Anderson led her behind a tent and repeatedly raped her while she was gagged and choked.

A warrant said the woman was assaulted until she lost consciousness and Anderson left her alone. The warrant said she had vomited on herself and could have asphyxiated in the backyard.

Anderson’s attorneys declined to comment Monday.

The judge’s decision Monday is not the first time that Strother has allowed such lenient punishment for sex crimes. Last year, he sentenced a man to deferred probation after he pleaded guilty in the 2013 rape of a former Baylor student. The judge ordered the man to pay for the woman’s counseling. The man told police the woman had been drunk, according to an affidavit.

Strother earlier this year sentenced a man to felony probation for the sexual assault of a former Baylor student, a punishment that came with 30 days in jail. Adrian Andres Ramos, was working toward a degree from Texas Tech University and was allowed to serve the jail time on the weekends. Ramos told authorities he believed the sex with the woman was consensual.

Strother did not return a call from The Associated Press seeking comment on his decision to accept Anderson’s plea deal.