EDITORIAL: Looking to launch another cabinet secretary, Mr. President? Look to Betsy DeVos first


With all the talk in Washington about President Donald Trump looking for people in his cabinet to boot because they don’t, in his opinion, make the cut, we offer one name that rises to the top among a cornucopia of cabinet secretaries worthy of the sack: Betsy DeVos, U.S. secretary of education.

There is a long and growing list of Trump cabinet secretaries who are either so incompetent or so venal and unethical, that it would be hard for us to pick which should be the first to go, as if Trump would seek advice from the media he so vehemently loathes.

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DeVos is among contenders such as Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who has proven how utterly unqualified he is in running a federal housing program that focuses on the needy. He capped that fact this week when he was busted for having spent an embarrassing $31,000 on a dining room set for his office.

The competition for firing is stiff, however. The need to get rid of EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt is great. Aside from his disturbing first-class travel addiction that costs taxpayers tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars — because he hates flying among the little people — he’s worked so hard to undermine the balance between  a safe and useful environment that his employees run endless surreptitious news agencies to set his erroneous records straight.

The list of bogus appointments goes on about as long as Trump’s catalogue of cabinet members.

But even among these stars in the soap opera that has become the Trump Administration, DeVos convincingly stars as the diva of dumb.

Before even day one on the job, she humiliated herself and the nation’s once-proud public school system during her Senate confirmation hearings.

DeVos has long had a huge role in pushing Michigan’s ailing public schools system to the brink of total failure. She did that by dumbing down the state’s large charter school industry, removing desperately needed oversight and creating a massive waste of taxpayer money that cheats millions of students out of a good education.

Actually, DeVos, a billionaire heiress, didn’t directly diminish the public and charter schools in the state. She never actually does anything. She’s not an educator nor government official. She’s never worked for a public school. Never attended one. Never sent her own kids to one. She’s not a researcher nor anything like that.

What she’s an expert at is making herself appear daft. During her hearings,  she couldn’t explain nor provide intelligent conversation about critical and basic education issues. She doesn’t understand the difference between assessing schools on student test scores and assessing them on student test score growth, rather than overall achievement.

For the past year, she has repeatedly misspoke or made outright blunders in her role as the secretary of, all things, education. But her recent pathetic and sadly hilarious performance on an episode of 60 Minutes removed any doubt that DeVos is not only a national nitwit, but in her capacity, she’s a real and present danger to an education system already being pushed to the edge.

This is the woman the White House has chosen to lead a new national school safety commission to help protect children from school shootings and other threats.

DeVos isn’t qualified to lead kindergarteners in an alphabet drill. Dump her.