EDITORIAL: Shun Trump regime’s campaign of lies and propaganda; demand U.S. end immigrant family separation policy now


Even for the Trump regime, infamous for prolific lies and spurious motives, this recent episode of propaganda to mask outright human rights abuses has gone too far.

Trump must stop his cruel and warped crusade to separate children from their parents as they cross the U.S. border at Mexico, presumably illegally.

If Trump won’t stop, Congress must stop him.

It does not matter what your feelings are about people sneaking into the country for jobs, for sanctuary or for any reason. Ripping blameless children from their parents is an abomination. It is the polar opposite of who we are as Americans.

As despicable and foul as this new Trump campaign against illegal immigrants is, the Trump Regime’s repeated lies about why they do it — and why they won’t stop — are an even bigger affront to American decency.

This is the truth. Despite the provable lies that Trump and his underlings continue to spew, there is not now, nor has there ever been, a Democratic law nor a Republican law that forces the government to separate children from their parents as they cross the border.

It is a vicious and horrendous lie.

Democrats, Republicans, historians, lawyers and all manner of ethical and credible experts are unanimous in that revelation.

There is no law. It is a lie.

Trump appears to be basing his deception on 2008 legislation passed unanimously in the House and Senate and signed by President George W. Bush. The measure focused on helping children who came to the U.S. border without a parent. Nowhere does the law call for the government to separate children from parents.

There is no law. It is a lie.

Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the regime’s assorted ministers of propaganda have this time gone beyond the pale and must be stopped.

They have tipped their hand in admitting that they hope this well-publicized travesty will deter immigrant families from trying to enter the United States illegally.

Not like this. Such cruelty is common among the despotic regimes Trump noisily lauds and yearns to emulate, but not in the America we knew before he became president. And not now.

Everyone agrees that its dangerous for immigrants, and for the United States, for anyone to illegally cross the border. It can easily lead to a wide range of human rights abuses and catastrophes.

This Trump policy, however, makes America one of the abusers.

As if this farce weren’t repugnant and shocking enough, now Sessions and the Trump  Regime are justifying their sadistic plot by saying their Christian religion dictates such callous cruelty.

They are now bending Christianity in the same way the Taliban bends Islam.

There are no limits to the Trump regime’s outlandish disconnect between reality, decency and Trump’s dubious goals.

Congress and voters must impose those limits now. America will not be party to such brutality.

Even though there are a growing number of horrified Republicans in Congress, they are increasingly cowed by the Trump regime. Despite persistent objections Trump continues to force family separations.

Congress must do whatever is necessary to immediately reunite these children with their parents and force the Trump regime to stop the separations now.

We know Americans have grown weary and disinterested in Trump’s endless lies and myriad melodramatics. But this is too horrible to ignore.

While other Trump quandaries continue to fester, this one warrants the attention of all America right now.