APS, CSU-Global partner to offer discounted rates to students and teachers


AURORA | Aurora Public Schools and Colorado State University-Global are partners now in a venture that will offer discounted rates for APS students to complete undergraduate and graduate courses.

The two school systems have worked on developing this partnership since APS began discussions around its 2016 bond initiative, said Patti Moon, spokesperson for APS. Students and staff from APS will get discounted rates for classes provided by CSU-Global. In exchange, APS will fund the construction of a new offices for CSU-Global.

“Thanks to the successful passage of our 2016 bond measure, APS and CSU-Global continue to work toward a long-term partnership,” Moon said. “This partnership allows us to expand our college and career success culture as we recognize the importance of providing every student with more postsecondary options. That includes options for students who may need to work part- or full-time while pursuing their postsecondary education.”

APS students who graduated since 2012 will be able to take advantage of CSU-Global’s online bachelor’s degree for $250 per credit hour. A student taking a normal workload can save around $2,400 a school year, according to APS officials. Students who qualify for federal Pell grants can apply up to $3,500 a year toward their education.

APS estimates a student who qualified for Pell grants could see an annual cost of tuition at the online school average $2,500, a discount compared to the average cost of $13,265 at a four-year school.

The discounted rates will also apply for APS staff, who will qualify for the $250 per credit hour price for undergraduate class and $350 per credit hour for CSU-Global graduate courses.

“We are thrilled to offer these significantly discounted rates for recent APS graduates and staff members,” said APS Board of Education President Marques Ivey in a statement on the partnership. “While we recognize that an online experience may not be right for every student, we want to continue to pursue partnerships that expand offerings and reduce barriers to learning postsecondary certificates and degrees. This partnership is another significant effort toward achieving our vision that every APS student shapes a successful future.”

Moon said APS is currently reviewing bids for constructing the new offices for CSU-Global and doesn’t have a budget set yet. The funds will come out of the 2016 bond project approved by voters which brought in $300 million for construction projects across the district.

“The idea to partner with CSU-Global first started during our conversations about the 2016 bond measure,” Moon said. “(This) agreement will fund construction of CSU-Global’s main offices. In return, APS is receiving in-kind lease payments that will provide both free and more affordable postsecondary options for APS students, recent graduates and staff.”

The current discounted rate applies for students and staff who register with CSU-Global before July 31. After that, Moon said rates are subject to annual increases that are capped at 5 percent.